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Important Things with Demetri Martin.

The Best TV Show Ever.

Important Things with Demetri Martin
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A Fan Community dedicated to Important Things with Demetri Martin

    why, hello there! by you dropping by this little community, THINGSIMPORTANT@LJ, we can safely assume that you are a fellow fan? wrong or not, welcome to the first and only fan community dedicated to comedy central's "important things with demetri martin." our slogan? this is the best community ever for the best television show... ever.

    here, you will find things like...
episode discussions, in which we (as a community) do a live commentary as the show airs
episode guides, in which we provide a detailed report on each episode
fandom scope, in which we fanfics, fanart, icons and whatever else is created
& stuff, in which we will find more relevant things to include.
so, are you convinced yet? why not JOIN THE CRAZE? perhaps you may want to find out more...

The Show. "important things with demetri martin" is a stream-of-consciousness sketch and variety show from comedian demetri martin. each episode focuses single topic through the prism of demetri's unique point of view, whether it's apples or the afterlife. "I'm very excited to be at comedy central and looking forward to making one of the top shows of all time - ever," he says. "also, I need to clean my apartment and thank jon stewart."

The Star. demetri martin (OFFICIAL SITE) dropped out of nyu school of law to pursue comedy. since then, he has performed in most of the english-speaking countries in the world (not in south africa or new zealand, though) and won trophies for comedy in mmerica, scotland and australia. martin was a staff writer for "late night with conan o'brien" and has appeared on a lot of late-night television shows, both onstage and in the audience. he made a stand-up cd/dvd, "these are jokes," which was released via comedy central records® in '06 and his "trendspotting with demetri martin" has been a featured segment on the emmy® and peabody® award-winning "the daily show with jon stewart" since december '05. martin was featured in his own one-hour stand-up special for comedy central, "demetri martin. person."

future projects for martin include the lead role in the upcoming ang lee film, "taking woodstock" for focus features. he is writing the feature script, "will," for paramount pictures. he is also co-writing, with james bobin, the feature script, "the moon people." martin is also planning to clean up his apartment some time in '09.

(all of that was a copypasta of the show's OFFICIAL SITE)

    like any usually-organized community, we have a set of rules. wah wah, they're faily easy to follow, so as long as you can read through this, you're fine (it'll also help to follow them, too).

(one.) keep all posts relevant. it has to relate to either to the show or demetri himself. failure to do this will probably lead the deletion of the post.

(two.) pictures over 400x400 pixels or fanfiction must go under a cut. if you do not know how to perform an lj-cut, please refer to this helpful post.

(three.) as a follow-up of rule #2, fanfiction and fanart should be presented in the following formats:

for fanfiction...

for fanart...

we have no specific format for icons and wallpapers, but it'd be helpful to have a preview.

(four.) in the interest of organization, please, please tag your posts. here is a full list of tags, and you're most likely to find your post there. if for some reason you cannot, just leave the tags part blank, and we'll cover for you.

(five.) please respect fellow members. we're all in this as a team, and as a community, we're all alike. no drama shall take place here. there is a "three strikes" system along with this rule; if you show a pattern of blatantly harassing other members, you will be banned.

(six.) promotions to other communities are allowed, but please make it relevant. it has to either relate to demetri (be it a friend, a former boss, fellow actor, maybe even the fact that they're on comedy central) or the show. south park, for example, is on comedy central, but has nothing to do with demetri. so that should be given the boot.

(seven.) have an article about demetri? awesome. post that motherf#@ker. please remember to link back to the source if you are doing a copypasta.


for all other kinds of entertainment, please visit these communities. :D


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