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22 June 2009 @ 11:04 am
important things dvd.  
Important Things with Demetri Martin - Season 1 DVD Announced: Date, Cost, Extras & Early Cover Art
Singe-disc release due to arrive on September 8th

Important Things with Demetri Martin is a stream-of-consciousness sketch and variety show from comedian Demetri Martin. Each episode focuses on a single topic - chairs, power, games - through the prism of Demetri's unique point of view.
Comedy Central and Paramount Home Entertainment have announced the September 8th release of Important Things with Demetri Martin - Season 1 on DVD. This single-disc title runs 154 minutes for $19.99, and includes this bonus material:
Audio Commentary
Additional Scenes:
Brain Injuries
Parking Wars Outtakes
Basketball 1
Basketball 2
Cult Leader In Love
Killing Someone with Kindness
Killing Time in the Studio
Dinner with Heroes Outtakes
A Tiny Guy Helps Find a Contact Lens
A Yellow Belt Breaks an Awkward Silence
Safety Dummy
Drawing 1
Drawing 2
Video is full frame, and audio is English stereo. We have an early look at the front cover of the box, but this isn't finalized yet and could be subject to change:
the fluorescent adolescent: FOTCgelsomino_123 on June 23rd, 2009 06:31 am (UTC)
:O Must save $19.99 by September 8th...